Monday, June 29, 2009

Work can be a gift

Some call work a curse. "I don't have enough time due to work", some call it a bane, "If not for work I could be doing..."

I don't deny that work has been a curse and a bane, but I realise that work is also a gift.

People work for various reasons... be it the money, passion for something, or a pledge to certain people or groups of people significant to their lives. For some, it's a combination. It's these reasons that drag a person back to work, day after day, from Mondays to Fridays, and is far more powerful than his/her intentions itself. Such powerful reason as the self-directed question, "why am I doing this", or "who am I doing this for", and thus, "therefore I need to persist".

I'm very glad I found my work partners Andrew and Weikang. I'm currently going through a rough patch, and had I not a commitment to them to make our work project a success, I would probably be a victim to my own emotions right now.

I'm not sure if you're reading, but guys, thanks alot. Really... I really could have been caught in a vicious loop right now.

It's easy to want to fall into the vicious loop. It's a natural gravitation. However, work commitments just keep you from falling in.

On a separate note, I think couples too, need to commit to a higher goal than each other. I never saw it that way before. No, it's not about committing your relationship into God's hands. Atheists, agnostics, relax.. you need not cringe. Merely committing to each other isn't enough. If there was anything I'd do to change my relationship, I would find the relationship upon a mutual premise that includes love, happiness, success and all that is good. A commitment that is able to discernibly shunt anything else - hate, negativity, blame, jealousy, noise, contempt - out of the relationship so that both can live for that single-minded happiness.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

John Legend - Save Room Song Meaning

Say that you'll stay a little
Don't say bye bye tonight
Say you'll be mine
Just a little of bit of love
Is worth a moment of your time
Knocking on your door just a little
So cold outside tonight
Let�s get the fire burning
Oh, I know, I keep it burning right
If you stay, won't you stay stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won�t you save a little
Save a little for me oh

This just might hurt a little
Love hurts sometimes when you do it right
Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain
Pleasure is on the other side
Let down your guard just a little
I'll keep you safe in these arms of mine
Hold on to me pretty baby
You will see I can be all you need
If you stay, won't you stay stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won�t you save a little
Save a little for me oh

(Pa-ya-pa-pa) (Pa-ya-pa-pa) (Pa-ya-pa-pa) (Da-da-da)

Oh come on

Make time to live a little
Don�t let this moment slip by tonight
You never know what you are missing until you try
I'll keep you satisfied
If you stay, won't you stay stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won�t you save a little
Save a little for me oh

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save a little, save a little for me
Won�t you save a little
Save a little for me oh

Some say this song is about John Legend selling the girl the idea of "de-virginization". For once, I never saw a song in a perverted way. Others say it's a song to woo a girl. I personally think it's a about a couple in a rough, even "pain"ful patch where the guy is pleading with the girl for a little time to work on the relationship, and implying that he can show and give her better than he ever did before- if only she would ease up and let down her guard again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Singapore Idol 3 Audition: What's with the Broomstick? Spoon Bending & Goof Specs? WTF!

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While that didn't really happen at the audition... That's what I did in my bedroom. LOL!

Spoon Bending is pretty cool huh! Advance to 2m17s for Spoon Bending Demo.

I also write for STOMP Starblogs, check out this week's entry at

FINALLY I didn't have to rewrite this week...

Enoughing Bitching About Singapore Idol 3, I Sang For STOMP Starblogs This Week

Hey it's julian of This week I had to write this post for Starblog, on "Public Displays of Affection" so I thought I'd sing along to this post... Kudos to Youtube User "stinkooo" - Hey man, you got a good thing going with that playing of urs.. yes I spotted the errors you made too.. you had me tripping on the tempo on the "Momma's House" bit...

My StarBlog Entry should be up around 1pm Today, Singapore Time (GMT +8.00 for International friends)

Fat Fugly Fashion Disaster at Singapore Idol 3 Auditions

Another Update from (click to view other field reports on singapore idol)

What the hell is with this Fat (notice I didn't say "chick"). Ok fine, how about fat chicken. what is with that chain that runs from the front to back of that frilly skirt. It just looks so wrong. Above all, I really think she's on the wrong contest. The camera crew didn't even want her to sing. That's how bad it is.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Field Report on Singapore Idol 3

IT WAS ABSOLUTELY CRAP!! - Not me. I'm referring to the organisation of the event. It's beyond terrible. I heard from a MediaCorp representative who was ordering food in the basement that there were 3 auditioning rooms. Yet, a friend of mine who got in line at 2am, who was given the number tag 430-something, didn't get his turn yet... not even now, and it's already 7.13pm!

Another friend who's been queueing since 4am... got turned away and told to return tomorrow.. WHAT CRAP?

They started at 9 this morning, so till 7pm or 1900 hrs, that's 10 hours. 10x60, that's 600 minutes. 3 minutes per person, and 3 rooms, - 60 mins lunch, so they should have 560/3 x 3 = 560 persons. Or lets say, even 500. Why so slow.

And did they really have to keep all of us out in scorching sun till 4.30 before deciding that they can't finish the numbers today and that we'd have to return the following day? On paper, they said 500 people would get to audition today. Well I can totally understand that they needed some crowd to be present for their filming of subsequent trailers... but those were done at 2.30. They could have simply registered us all first with the many registration counters. Question is, why didn't they? No consideration for fellow mankind? Human Rights activists should really make a din outta this. This is really Horse Shit.

Underworked registration queue.

Fucking hungry.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Narrowly Escaped the Singapore Idol Camera Crew...

But these jolly folks didn't...

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Live at the Singapore Idol Auditions at Cathay!

Wanna audition? What you doing home on your computer trying to make up your mind! Get over here already!

Here are so pictures Live from The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore.

I'm so glad it's on concrete ground this time. Hated the last SG idol audition where it wasn't so inconvenient and uncomfortable to sit down given we had for ground wooden planks over a rain-sodden field.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here's what NEVER made it's way to StarBlog. You may see the published version here:

I Like My Dreams Wet I Gooed My Pants 3 Nights In a Row Subconsciously Replaying My First Ever Close Body Contact

It was but an innocuous, couple-y “sit on my lap” do. And it wasn't even real. It was part of a photo-shoot. But having never been so close to a girl before, my mind registered it more like:

My first thoughts on the word “sex” is obviously the act of sexual intercourse. Second thought, geez... I hope I can last (especially with a “hot” babe in ANY sense of the word). I've never responded to any spam email on Viagra or Viagra alternative, but I must say I've always been very tempted. Third thought, my eyes are googling passerby cleavage and chasing skirts, or, 'I'd like some porn right now'”.

Did you know that Wonderbra & Cosmopolitan Magazine
jointly founded “National Cleavage Day” to:

“To solemnize women’s independence and power in all facets of life,
from their careers to their relationships to their own destiny.”
Picture from Wonderbra.

Surrealism is a gift. And the concept of succubus ever turned me on. Human are sexual beings.

The D.O.B is obviously bullshit. But the age is real. LOL... This is a graphical re-enactment, but I really did fill out a form like that recently, when I was subconsciously frisky.

The desire and inclination to mate is in-born. Even 4 year old girls start humping pointy objects. Vanessa and I found it very humorous the one time we were in a business partner's car driving through KL, and on the radio was a talkshow tracing children's sex behavior from the age of 2 thru 16. Subsequently, Vanessa couldn't help but believe my account of a 4 year old former tennis student intentionally stimulating herself with my sports marking cones on several occasions. I got spooked and quit teaching that demon the one time she said, “coach, I know your thing can grow” accompanied with some maniac laughter. So much for “Sweet, young, innocent thing”!

The talkshow also mentioned how young boys may demonstrate “peeping tom” or compulsive sniffing behavior without any prior introduction to sex or porn. Its true! Not just me, I also accidentally caught sight of a friend's younger brother sniffing the toilet seat right after a hottie came out from the washroom after peeing.

On a different note, a conversation back during NS with Jason who went on to start a fashion store went as such:

Jason: “Hey Jules, what's your 'Magic Number'”?

Julian: “Huh? What 'Magic Number' are you talking about? Is it to do with favorite number? Mine's '27' – if that's what you want to know. What about it?”

Jason: “Haiyoh! 'Magic Number' means, the number of times you can shoot in one session.. two hours.. Mine is 8.. You leh?”

Julian: “Since when did people ever refer to the number of times you cum as 'Magic Number'?”

How the hell does any guy manage to fire his bazooka 8 times in 2 hours? It needs to be charged you know? Anyhow, nope, folks I will not be revealing my “Magic Number” or whatever you call it here.. it's about as taboo for me as telling my age to a female from the era were pretty femmes were called “jute girls”. What I can say is, less than Jason. Grrr.

Most men, including thyself are rather fixated on how often, how many times, and how much release. I was actually repeatedly e-window-shopping for products that promised improvements to the above 3 areas.

Speaking of numbers, my numerology master actually told me that a person's friskiness can be told from his/her birthday.

A person of this birthday “selalu mau” (quoting my Malaysian-Chinese sinseh – always wants [sex]) is not only very horny and compulsive when it comes to sex, but also enjoys “painting”, for those of you who know what that means. When I learnt these calculations, scores of male friends were asking me to interpret their prospective girlfriend's birthdays to shortlist the ones with the highest and best sex drive.

Someone with the above birthday on the other hand, not only has a high sex drive, she also has a split personality particularly in bed, and can be a very talkative and noisy dominatrix at that! So pervs... if that sounds like your type, you'd wanna scout for girls of those two birthdates.

I don't have any frisky number combinations in my birthdate analysis. Thus I can only imagine just how highly-sex someone with such combinations can be.

I'd like to admit that, when I was single, I was on 3 dating sites, 3 meet-for-sex sites, and 2 online swinger groups (I'm shier than I look). I even paid for “Platinum Membership” on 2 of those sites – all in search of a good shag. I'd also like to tell that the results were very dismal – the prettier ones were either fishing for men with fat wallets or unserious, some were into their own kind, or not into NSA (No Strings Attached), and the rest were either fat or ugly as $#*@. Sigh again, paid for sex and still didn't get any.

Remember the song by Tamperer which goes:
“Is it SEX or is it LOVE? Is it SEX or is it LOVE?”

Sex. People who don't love each other can still have sex, but people who love each other by majority need ample doses of sex to remain in love.

The “Battle of the Fittest”, for male lions culminates in sex with the most number, or most desired of femmes. Among humans, “Battle of the Fittest” definitely applies. Either you're physically super fit, immaculately handsome, or financially well-endowed, or else, not a chance of bedding barbie.

I fully agree with the song that goes: “You and me baby, ain't nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel.”

Here's what NEVER made it's way to StarBlog. You may see the published version here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


HUGE Diff between this one and the one at

I'm Already Lost! Don't You Dare Say “你能讲中文吗?” (Can you speak in Mandarin?)

Bad Communication, Bad Behavior, Stupid Questions and Nosey Parkers.

Over the weekend, I went for a workshop on Success Permissions, which involved understanding Energy Psychology and using its principles to clear my phobias, emotional blockages and negative repetitive patterns. At a point in the workshop, I was asked to think of an event I felt a very strong hatred toward. The event was “National Service Enlistment Swearing In Ceremony”.

I was smiling because I beat the system in sneaking in my camera phone.

I remember how the hound dogs (whose service has been recently extended from 45 to 50 years) barked at me to echo words I did not mean, about my allegiances to the nation. Not just once, but several times over. And that, if we were real men, we had to be loud and full-throated about it.

Why does being gungho about the scorned 2-year chore that stifled me of a professional tennis career equate to being a “real man”? I vividly recall how I and a couple of promising young men were verbally whipped and stripped of our intellect and social standing. I remember seething with a fury akin to Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine upon realising he was but a disposable pawn in Col. William Striker's plan.

I would have been touring around for international tennis/
tournaments if not forestalled by NS.

I put my hand up, and denied experiencing any such event, and was given an alternative task. There's no way I will forgive the system for racking up such great losses in income, opportunity, esteem, and most importantly, time. Don't discuss about being “The Good Soldier” or “Doing Your Part for Singapore” with me, EVER! Also, don't EVER make me swear CRAP about blah blah allegiance to some national slave-type activity.

Like... NPCC back in secondary school. I dropped out not long after went to a new cadet swearing in. Why not try the SPCA? Sorry, I'm not a dog-matic.

Don't EVER ask me for “Good-will Offerings”! As the word suggests, it's really about good will! How can I have good will if I never felt anything positive about a particular place? So hypocritical isn't it? Like, back at Nan Hua Primary School - I scorned the then-principal Mdm Fong who couldn't be more blatant to my parents in seeking more “good-will offering” for my acceptance into the school. Wasn't it because she and my paternal grandmother had an association in common and thus wanted to extend a favor? Plus, my parents already gave her/the school a red packet of $2000 when I first entered. She was not even the least bit trite about my class and 1/5 of the school going through one in a half semesters without electricity in classrooms, when the teachers and staff areas were fitted with 2 large ceiling aircon units per classroom size – which even required the construction of an outdoor power-housing unit. Ludicrous! I'm proud to have pioneered the $0.11 donation packet. She actually hauled me out during one assembly when I was primary 5 regarding this, in a bid to “humiliate” me. My logic? I nonchalantly explained that the number of cents to commensurate with my years in the school, that I'd give $0.12 the following year. I'm so glad when I heard several juniors have emulated my example in the years after.

Parents around... so all lights and equipment in working order...Wayang ah!

Don't EVER give me bad service and expect a commendation. School again. This is about my current institution, SMa School of Management. Students service is run by a bunch of largely incompetent and selfish bastards! (I must be clear that 2 or 3 or the new staff are really God-sends, and that this applies to the bulk.) What service? They expect students to keep to our decorum, but they do not keep to theirs! When I asked to come for an alternative time to attend a class, following the lecturer's instruction to check with them on his teaching schedule, I was given the whole “No. We will not disclose his lecture schedule to you. If there's any reason as to why you can't make it for your regular class, you are to submit a document excuse letter about your engagement. Even so, it would be subject to review.” Hello? Doesn't SMa stand for Singapore Manufacturer's Federation? Aren't you supposed to be encouraging enterprise? I'm self-employed and you wouldn't support my expansion of my business by even allowing me to sit in for another class just once? Then why on the other hand, why are we supposed to put up with the bunch of prudes who have all of a 2-week school vacation to print our new term notes, but only do it 15 minutes into class time, such that we have just the first lesson's notes only 45 minutes into the first lecture of the new term? Multiple times, not just once. Ridiculous.

About service again. Don't you even “我听不懂!你能讲中文吗?” me. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against China nationals here to make a living. But I have EVERYTHING against employers who put China nationals on the front lines of various service business, just because they're cheaper to hire. Singapore Bus Companies! Shame on you! You keep raising our fares, but bus drivers tell me you've been reducing the pay plan, such that locals won't even do it as a gainful employment. What's more, how can you expect Malays, Indians, Eurasians and Foreigners to communicate their questions on bus route? Are you thinking “ignorance is bliss”? That's so cheap! When I dine in a western food cafe or restaurant and get served by a Chinese national, I politely dismiss them and beckon the manager. While I can order in Mandarin, but why the hell should I order in Mandarin at a western food cafe? It's just unacceptable. Once, the owner of a Mediterranean cafe came over to ask if there was a problem with his staff. I totally flamed him and asked him what the hell his problem was, to hire so many people who are all obviously hopeless in understanding his menu. Shape up, and hire bilingual, or else ship out of my patronage EVER!

I still remember how a China waitress was adamant that Mojito is pronounced “Moh-Jee-Toh”, and wasn't willing to accept other pronunciations of the word.

Don't ever attempt to block the MRT doorways when people are exiting. Especially if I'm one of those exiting. Especially in at the interchanges and the heartland stops, there are scores of “kiasu” Singaporeans crowding to enter. I literally go ballistic. I stick my elbows out and ram my way forward. I shove/ram/topple idiots who can't follow the multi-language train announcements to “please stay behind the yellow lines and allow passengers to exit before boarding”. There was this uncouth douche who pushed a pram in even before anyone could exit and was making big side-to-side movements. Because his baby's legs were sticking out of the front, everyone including me had to be extra careful getting out so as not to cause hurt to the child. I told the jerk, “hey asshole, can't you wait for us to get out first?” And he engaged me for that. His meena wife too. They challenged me to call him “Asshole” again. I yelled back, “Hey it's not my fault you're fathering at 37, broke and can't afford to take your kid out in a car!” Stomp Seen! should have more of such errant train boarders in the “ugly singaporean” posts.

Scores of inconsiderate people, “Kiasu Singaporeans”.

Speaking of which, the Stomp Seen! is full of videos of “Ugly Singaporeans” eating or drinking on buses and trains. What could be key reasons for barring eating/drinking on public transport? Odours? - Severe body odour is far worse than any food smell, including durians. Mess? Fair enough. Litter? - But what if I ate neatly, clean up after myself and on the way out? I recall this one time Vanessa and I had the craziest, long day rushing from place to place that we literally had NO time to stop and eat. We had no breakfast, and no lunch, and were going to miss dinner too if she didn't have her California Handroll, and I didn't have two chicken wings on the go. But this spare-tired nosy bitch who probably had a 2 hour lunch-break and was on the way home for a nice home-cooked dinner just wouldn't cut us any slack. First up, she went, “excuse me. You see the signs? No eating and drinking on the bus.” We acknowledged, and we continued. Then she pursued again, “hey! Did you hear me? The two of you! No eating on the bus!” Vanessa glared at her, while I answered, “Yes, but we'll STILL going to eat! Unlike you, we haven't eaten ALL DAY, so go mind your own business” And I continued to munch. Then Vanessa noticed this prude started filming us discreetly with her phone's cam. I also “discreetly” made a middle-finger sign in the direction of her lens. I hope she's happy about that. Yes, we weren't supposed to, but we're knowingly breaking the rules, and no one else got encumbered or hurt in the process. I ever come across a group of school boys practicing card flourishing tricks with a deck of poker cards on a bus. But some bespectacled 38 year old prudish lady readily recognised that as (whispering VERY LOUDLY to her friend) “haiyoh! Gambling! What a disgrace to their school! OMG! Don't their school teach them about these vices? I'm gonna film this and post on Internet! Make sure I shame them and let their principal see!” Great God! How small minded can some people be.

This was late for last week's entry, but nonetheless,
working out helps deflate some pent up anger.

Just thinking of these instances of social retardation makes my blood boil. Looks like I gotta start using my energy reset methods to discharge before I go to sleep tonight.

HUGE Diff between this one and the one at Compare la

What I did today?

Today was quite an interesting one... ok let's skip to the interesting parts.. In the afternoon, I went to Natural Therapies Centre for my appointment with EFT and Chios Master, Wong SiewFan. This was all part of a followup to the Success Permissions workshop I been through about 2 weeks back.

I tell you... it's INSANE!... Just when I thought Kinesiology or Muscle Testing to show up subconscious thoughts and insecurities was crazy enough, she didn't have to do any of that! What she did though, was dangle this Token looking thing.. which looked like a Chinese Golden Ingot, and just waived it back and forth. And apparently, it could pick up emotions from me, and revolve clockwise, to indicate a yes, or anti-clockwise, to incicate a no. And without me lifting a finger, she was connecting with me and running a checklist, and totally sussing me out. It was so weird!

She recognised that I have some problems with being able to feel, and to be important, and identified that I also tended to take people forgranted when they're by my side, and covet them when they're gone. I couldn't disagree.. Alot more stuff as well.. spot on...

And she also tested through waiving that medallion that I had to sort out some 14 un-resolved conflicts in memories at the ages of 17 mths, 23 mths, 3 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old and 7 years old. And in treatment, I got so freaking emo about an episode of me at 3 years old..

You should totally try it out yourself. I'm feeling a hell lot better right now.

Later I was over to Andrew's place (Andrew is a young and successful lad that started up Carver Model Management among other businesses, including education), where him, Faye Hokulani, and I worked on our Internet Marketing project.

In the evening, I headed on for a karaoke session at my Grandaunt's vocal club, down at Hong Lim Complex. And I recorded the following video:

In the same session, Jacky, who happens to be President at the ToastMasters Capital club, got me hooked on a song "Bo Go Ship Da" by Kim Bum Soo with his fantastic rendition. This is the song..

Translation in English
No matter how I wait I cant go
next to you, crying
You only gave me pain and you didnt know me
Are you telling me to leave?

I miss you, I miss you
To the point where I hate myself
I want to cry..I want to kneel down
And if only everything didnt happen..
The memories where I loved you crazily..
Those memories haunt me
But i cant hide from this love any longer
I shouldnt do this
But i miss you to death x2

OMG... what a tear jerker right.... Shi bai!... I miss you already. I'm gonna seek you out.

Have you seen my post at Starblog?

OMG! It's SUCH A RIP OFF! Where did my pictures go? WTF.. it's plain as an empty toilet bowl... It hasn't got shit! Where did all the stuff I wanted to say go?

Check out the damage...

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